The dream for the creation of the proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli was nurtured in the year 2006 by the trio:

  1. Venerable E. Olewuezi, of Umunjam – Mbieri
  2. Reverend Ben Ejihu, of Umunjam – Mbieri
  3. Venerable EGO Nzeako, of Nazereth Church, Ohohia-Mbieri.

The maiden meeting(s) were held at Emii town that year 2006. This venue became the first for the Steering Committee, and was

relocated from Emii to Chief Sir. John Duru’s office at Zanda Street, Owerri, to make it central and convenient. After further consultations with Sir Kingdom Akuruka from Amankuta Mbieri; the Steering Committee meeting shifted to No.13 Erekwerenwa street, Owerri in 2007, for ease of hosting and he proved a worthy and wonderful host to the Steering Committee till 2008 when the application for the proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli was packaged and formally submitted that year, to His Lordship, Rt. Rev C.C Okorocha, the Anglican Bishop of Owerri, for his necessary actions.

In furtherance of the publicity campaign of the Steering Committee, to seek advocacy and reach out to as many eminent Anglican personalities, copies of the application were delivered by special delegation, to His Grace, the most Revd. B. C Okoro, the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, at Orlu. Another delegation visited the Bishop of Owerri on Mon. 9th August, 2010 to confirm the receipt of the earlier application submitted in 2008; or to refresh him about it.

His Lordship Rt. Rev’d. C.C Okorocha (Phd). the Bishop of the Diocese of Owerri has been in support of the creation of the Proposal Diocese of Mbaitoli, which he explained to have started since the Diocese of Owerri Synod of 1998, where he advocated for the creation of new administrative units to buttress his point at one of the delegation that met with him and led by Late Prof. M.A. Nwachukwu in December, 2010.

In response to the Steering Committee’s demand for a chaplain, His Lordship announced himself as the chaplain to the Proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli from that date in 2010.

Mbaitoli Anglican communion as both peaceful and peace loving has continued to adopt due process in requesting for the creation of the new diocese. The Steering Committee has waited for about eight (8) years to actualize the goal. Believing in God and having not lost hope (as delay is not denial), the struggle has overstayed the 5 years moratorium period (embargo) of non-creation of new diocese from 2011 to 2016, all to the glory of God and to members’ faithfulness

The Steering Committee in pursuit of the actualization of the Proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli, has been busy in other functional areas like –

  1. the choice of her diocese headquarters and cathedral. This is at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Obazu Mbieri.
  2. the proposed site for the Bishop’s Court, has been sited and work is up to 40 per cent progress in Orie – Mbieri with an existing sign-post.
  3. There have been four (4) activities calling on the good people of Mbaitoli for unity and support. Outreaches have been organized by the Steering Committee. This started at the Pine Wood Hotel, Owerri, followed by two consecutive outings in the youth hall, Orie – Mbieri and recently and the 4th at the site of the proposed Bishop’s Court at Orie – Mbieri.
  4. The Steering Committee has been making efforts to provide other necessary requirements for the creation of a new Diocese. Some of these include: The security vote, two (2) official vehicles, three (3) staff residence and conference halls:

Appeals to generous and well-to-do members of the proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli have been sent. Positive responses are acknowledged and highly appreciated.

The people need the recognition and follow-up upliftment. They are numerically equal to the requirement. They are financially viable and socially, materially, geographically and spiritually, qualified to have and run a diocese successfully.

In spite of obvious challenges, the Anglican churches located within the Mbaitoli geographical area of present Diocese of Owerri, which has 9 Archdeaconries, 23 Parishes and 54 Church Stations, have remained united and determined in their quest for the creation of their own Diocese of Mbaitoli, which is justified and merited.

Achievements in Summary

The Steering Committee of the Proposed (Anglican) Diocese of Mbaitoli was established in 2007. From that time till now, significant achievements have been registered particularly in the following sections. Mobilization and sensitization of the Anglican faithful within Mbaitoli area. These include;

The church congregation, the Clergy, Council of Knights in different dioceses, the Traditional rulers of Anglican Communion, Women Organization of the Women Ministries, Youths groups etc.