Fortunately, there still exists and operates gallant soldiers of Christ for this mission who still wax strong but who are working behind the scene/outside the full and general membership of the steering committee.

The membership based on Archdeaconries include:

  1. Sir Isaac Opurum – Obazu Mbieri
  2. Mr. Sylvanus Ohanyere – Achi Mbieri
  3. Sir Kingdom C. Akuruka Amaike Mbieri
  4. Eze (Sir) Samuel Agunwa Ohiri – Orodo
  5. Dr. Samuel Ebere Chinaka – Alaenyi Ogwa
  6. Sir. Dandison Uzoagba – Eziama Obiato
  7. Engr. (Chief) Benedict S.C. Uhuegbulem (KSC) – Ibeama Ogwa
  8. Eze (Sir) Christopher N. Egbuchulam – Umunoha
  9. The Ven. (Engr) Emmanuel C. Olewuezi – Umunjam Area
  10. Prof. Ernest Nneji Emenyonu. Trustee in diaspora.

There exists the Executive Team of the Steering Committee as listed below, who have quite impressively, displayed unparalleled devotion to this clarion call so far, devoid of any signs of tiredness or slowing down of activities.

  1. Chairman – Chief Dr. Herbert A 0 Eronini (KSC).
  2. Vice Chairman – Chief Bertram E Osuoha (KSC).
  3. General Secretary –  Chief (Engr.) John Duru.
  4. Assistant Secretaries. (i) Sir Charles Osuorji. V (ii) Mr. Dennis U. D, Nwaogu. (iii) Mrs. Henrietta O. Onyeali.
  1. Financial Secretary – Chief Benson O. I. Durueke (KSC).
  2. Treasurer – Lady Jacinta O. Nwanebu.
  3. Chair-person (Women Ministry) – Lady Angelina Ekomaru.
  4. Vice Chairperson (Women Ministry) – Lady Josephine Nwaonu.
  5. Public Relations Officer – Mr. Boniface U. Nwokoro

Operational but functional Arms of the Steering Committee has been set-up as working sub-committees duly constituted and inaugurated and they are the following:

  1. The works sub committees – headed by Sir Innocent Opurum
  2. The finance subcommittee – headed by Dr. Sir, Max Anyanwu
  3. The Prayer and Spirituality subcommittee – Director: The Revd. Canon Berthram I. Ihenacho (rtd).

Supervisor: The Ven. Gilbert O. Nzeako (rtd).

Co-ordinators: Three Priests – Covering Mbieri, Ubomiri Umunoha, Ogwa, Orodo and Eziama Obiator areas.