The entire congregation of fifty-four vibrant churches that make up the Proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli, unanimously and most humbly appeal to all and sundry, well-meaning Anglican faithfuls, all in authority and concerned citizens to lend their voices in actualizing this noble goal for the creation of the Proposed Anglican Diocese of Mbaitoli after eight years of request.

We specially, unanimously and most humbly appeal to you:

  • Our Lord Bishop of Diocese of the Owerri.
  • Your Grace, the Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province.
  • Your Grace, the Dean, Anglican Communion, Church of Nigeria.
  • Your Grace, the Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.
  • And all the Archbishops, Bishops, Chancellors and Church Officials to hear our cry for Mbaitoli Diocese.

And lift up in prayers;

  • The Churches in the Proposed Diocese of Mbaltoli.
  • All the set-ups and machinery for the creation of Mbaitoli Diocese.


In conclusion, the above statistical data, the historical facts, the number of Archdeaconries, human and material resources clearly confirm that Mbaitoll is overdue for a Diocesan status.

Besides, the creation of Anglican Diocese of Mbaitoli will not in any way adversely affect the Diocese of Owerri. Even when Mbaitoli must have been created, Diocese of Owerri is still due for creation of more viable Dioceses, considering their human and material resources.

Mbaitoli has all it takes to be a Diocese. Out of the twelve Districts from the Diocese on the Niger in 1959, Mbieri District (Mbaitoli) is the only one yet to become a Diocese. The other eleven Districts had produced one or even more Dioceses

It continues to agitate the minds of right thinking persons why Mbieri District (Mbaitoli) continues to wear the 1959 ‘toga’ of District despite the huge human and material resources it contributes.

With the 9 Archdeaconries, 23 Parishes and 54 Church Stations, the Mbaitoll area of the present diocese of Owerri, is qualified and accordingly justified to be declared a Diocese. In recent times, it has been observed that dioceses have been created from areas with five (5) or less Archdeaconries.

The Steering Committee and indeed the entire Anglican Christian faithfuls within the area proposing the creation of the new Diocese of Mbaitoli reaffirm our total commitment to the Primate Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and all other established under the authorities of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), including the Archbishops, the Bishops, the clergy and the laity.

We promise that the new Anglican Diocese of Mbaitoli, when created, will take a pride of place, among the Dioceses of the Church of Nigeria and work very hard to uphold the philosophy of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and contribute towards the growth and development spiritually, numerically, materially and financially.

We therefore beseech you all in the right positions and holding good offices to use same for the continued advocacy of and the eventual creation of the proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli, in the shortest time from now, for the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, for the salvation of believers and to the glory of God the Almighty.