Steering Committee of the Proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli

The CMS (Church Missionary Society) brought the Christian Gospel to the country east of the Niger. “more than one and half century ago”. From Onitsha the gospel spread’ and was received in the year 1902 at Abazu Ogwa, located in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of present Imo State. With time, this area grew as a district (Parish) under Mbieri and became one of the twelve (12) districts at the creation of Owerri Diocese in 1959.

The present Anglican faithfuls of the fifty-four (54) church stations within the Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State and many others in Diaspora, strongly believe that the spread of the Gospel of Christ will be fully and effectively achieved in this geographical area through the creation of a new Diocese within the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion!

The Steering Committee of the Proposed Diocese, full of strong desire, and with a due sense of responsibility has articulated a case for the creation of a new Anglican Diocese of Mbaitoli out of the present Diocese of Owerri.

This documentary is hereby presented to buttress the need of these congregations for a new diocese. It is not intended to portray the image of any person or group in bad light, nor to generate any bad blood. It is merely aimed at demonstrating the sense of due process of the aspirants in the pursuit and possible achievement of the said goal.

The first formal application was made in August 2008 through his Lordship, Rt. Rev. C.C. Okorocha Ph.D., our Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Owerri.

The Vision Statement of the Steering Committee of the Proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli, include;

  1. Promote grass root evangelism
  2. Apply the use of true and undiluted word in the spread of the gospel.
  3. Ensure that the toils, pains and agonies of our fore-bearers be not in vain especially at this time.
  4. Join in the growth of the original 12 districts of Old Owerri Arch deaconry at the creation of the Diocese in 1959. It is only Mbieri district (Mbaitoli) among the 12 districts that has not become a Diocese. The other 11 districts have become one or more dioceses forming the present Owerri Ecclesiastical Province.
  5. Generation of gainful employment opportunities for the youth and able-bodied men and women in the area.

Mission Statement Include;

  1. Use of general and regular outreaches for the spread of the gospel throughout the Archdeaconries, parishes and stations.
  2. Reaching out generally to members, Council of Knights, Women Organizations, Youth Organizations and the general public, at home and in diaspora.
  3. Generating support in the selected and construction of necessary Diocesan physical structures, like the Cathedral Church, Bishop’s Court, Staff quarters, institutions (Schools, hospitals, Conference/Outreach Centers).
  4. Generating funds to take care of the diocesan expenditures including the security Vote.

The Steering Committee pledges full support to the proposed Diocese of Mbaitoli when created. The Steering Committee will remain faithful, loyal and committed to all constituted authorities of the Church of Nigeria.


Cross section of members of the Executive in attendance for the days meeting.

Cross section of members in attendance for the days meeting.

Cross section of members in attendance for the days meeting front view in hall.

Cross section of members in attendance for the days meeting back view.



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